A nurse at the Regional Hospital administers a fourth dose of Covid vaccine. / sur

Malaga hospital takes part in clinical trials for fourth dose of Spain's Hipra Covid vaccine

Ten hospitals in the country are participating in the trials, which involve administering the vaccine to test its effectiveness and safety

Ángel Escalera

The Regional Hospital in Malaga has just begun giving the Spanish Hipra vaccine as a fourth dose against Covid-19, to extend the studies which are being carried out by the pharmaceutical biotechnology group.

The clinical testing will evaluate the effectiveness and safety of this type of vaccine in people who have had three doses of Comirnaty (Pfizer) or two doses of Comirnary plus a Hipra booster which was administered during the previous phase of the clinical tests.

Ten hospitals in the country are participating in the tests. Spain had wanted to administer Hipra as a fourth vaccine in general and had delayed the next stage of the vaccination campaign in the hope that this would be possible, but has now had to go ahead with other makes.

The Hipra vaccine can be kept refrigerated, which makes it easier to store and distribute. The technology used also makes it highly versatile to adapt to new variants of the virus if needed in the future.

The results obtained so far show that the vaccine produces antibodies which neutralise current variants which are of concern and it is also effective in preventing the illness.