One of the new Malaga metro trains on Monday morning. Salvador Salas

Malaga city's new fleet of metro trains is now running

The boosted service means that at rush hour there is a train every five minutes

Ignacio Lillo


Monday, 25 September 2023

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Plans to meet passenger demand are on track this week after Malaga's new metro trains were called into action for this Monday morning's rush hour.

The first of the fleet stopped at Andalucía Tech station after departing the nearby depot area at 7.40am. It is one of four new trains which have now joined the underground fleet - Malaga's metro now has a total of 18 trains in operation.

The new additions will improve the frequency of trains to just five minutes during rush hour. It comes as the arrival of the Malaga metro into the city centre has led to a huge increase in passenger numbers, which are doubling month by month.

"The incorporation of the new trains will mean a leap in quality in a transport service that has been growing steadily since its long-awaited arrival in the city centre," said regional minister Rocío Díaz.

The boosted fleet is also expected to meet high passenger demand for special events in the city, such as fairs and Easter. The manufacture and supply of the four new trains, ordered from CAF in 2021, cost 15.4 million euros, paid by the concessionaire.

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