The Christmas lights in Calle Larios are a huge attraction.

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The Christmas lights in Calle Larios are a huge attraction. salvador salas

More cash allocated to make Malaga's famous Christmas lights shine even brighter this year

The council has increased the budget by 437,700 euros to 1.5 million, so that festive illuminations can be installed in more streets in the city centre

Francisco Jiménez


Wednesday, 29 June 2022, 18:35


With ‘only’ six months to go until Christmas, Malaga council has just announced that it will be spending more on the city’s festive illuminations this year. Last year the budget was increased by 200,000 euros so that Christmas lights could be put up in more streets, and for 2022 the sum has been raised by another 437,704 euros to a total of 1.5 million euros.

The council wants to rent more decorations like the ones which were put up in Calle San Juan for the first time last year, which formed a 'hall of spiders' with 24 very large baroque lamps, and install them in other streets in the historic city centre so visitors have even more to see than the 22 arches of the Christmas 'forest' in Calle Larios.

“People really liked it,” said the mayor Francisco de la Torre. However, he also explained that he hopes this will be the last year that the council pays for the Christmas lights itself. “We can’t guarantee that we can allocate the money for this in the Budget for 2023, but we do want the scheme to continue so we are going to seek private sponsors. It won’t be easy,” he said.

This year there will also be a repeat of something which was new in 2021: the video-mapping with Christmas effects and Nativity scenes on the south tower of the cathedral, as this also proved popular with residents and visitors alike.





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