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Malaga Airport bounces back in 2022

Malaga Airport bounces back in 2022

It closed the year with 18.5 million passengers, 93% of the pre-pandemic records and recovers 99.4% of the operations


Tuesday, 10 January 2023, 15:57


Data from management group Aena shows that Malaga Airport has managed to recover 93% of the passenger traffic from before the pandemic and 99.4% of the flights that operated in 2019. The balance of the year closes with 18,457,194 passengers; before the health crisis it was close to 20 million, with 144,107 flights.

"This positive evolution is due to the dynamism shown throughout the year by both domestic and international traffic. Most of the passengers counted in 2022 travelled on commercial routes, totalling 18,398,167. Of these, 3,322,375 flew to or from a Spanish city, while the remaining 15,075,792 opted for flights abroad, which accounted for 82% of the total volume of annual commercial passengers," Aena said.

The positive traffic trend is illustrated by figures for December, when 1,189,547 passengers passed through the airport, 4.7% more than in the same month of 2019. Operations also increased in December compared to pre-pandemic levels, with 9,740 landings and take-offs, 7.9% more flights than in the same period before the health crisis.

In terms of markets, the United Kingdom continues to lead the way, despite maintaining a negative balance compared to pre-pandemic figures. A total of 4,772,427 passengers arrived on flights from UK airports. It is followed by Germany with 1,217,710; Holland, with 1,132,049; and France, with 1,047,497 passengers.

The dynamism of the domestic market has also been a key factor. Passengers on domestic flights exceeded the 2019 figures by 12.7%, consolidating the domestic market as the second busiest market at the Costa del Sol airport.

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