The project plans, which include a golf course. SUR
Largest housing development in Malaga city set for site west of Churriana

Largest housing development in Malaga city set for site west of Churriana

A total of 2,847 homes are planned after five years of lawsuits involving the developers of the revived Rojas Santa Tecla project

Jesús Hinojosa

Wednesday, 29 November 2023, 21:46


The largest housing development in Malaga city is set to go ahead in an area west of Churriana and north of Torremolinos. A total of 2,847 homes are planned in the Rojas Santa Tecla project which was which was revived five years ago and whose developers have been involved in several lawsuits.

The area totals 1,488,269 square metres and work could begin as early as the start of next year. The houses will be grouped around an 18-hole golf course. The project, prepared by CAI and Narval, is valued at 53.9 million euros (including the golf course), and it has an estimated execution period of 28 months. Approval has been granted by the city hall but other procedures have to be resolved beforehand, among which is the payment of compensation to the owners of houses in this area of Churriana which have to be demolished because they were built illegally (they impede a livestock route).

The legal advisor to the project, the Ius Urbis law firm, said there are currently 25 houses in the area, of which ten will need to be demolished due to their legal status. The promoters of Rojas Santa Tecla have agreed to compensate the residents of the ten houses, with payments established ranging from 59,301 to 151,295 euros. In total, the developers will have to pay out 2.2 million euros in compensation to include other owners of vacant plots without adequate building requirements.

Some of these owners have accepted the compensation, and others do not agree with the value. As SUR has learned, three of the families residing in houses that are going to be demolished have appealed. In these cases, the developers deposit the compensation before a notary and the process towards the execution of the works can continue, leaving the demolition of those houses for a later date.

According to the urban plan approved by the council in March 2017, in addition to housing, this project also includes two plots for commercial use - one on the border with Torremolinos, on the other side of the motorway, and another to the north - totalling 30,115 square metres. The plans also allow for a golf club, a sports ground, communal area, and a school. Likewise, 330,353 square metres are reserved for green areas and 244,172 square metres for roads. A total of 2,763 surface parking spaces are also planned, of which 70 will be reserved for people with reduced mobility.

In the Rojas Santa Tecla project, more than half of the planning rights are in the hands of the Fierro-Van Dulken family, heirs of Juan Jiménez; 12 per cent correspond to Land Co, the land developer of Banco Santander, which plans to build 335 houses there; and the same percentage is held by the Málaga Oeste (Malaga West) company, run by the businesswoman Francisca Sánchez Ordóñez. Other owners have lower percentages.

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