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Krack, the favourite shoe shop of Spanish influencers, is set to open its first shop in Malaga

Krack, the favourite shoe shop of Spanish influencers, is set to open its first shop in Malaga

The Pontevedra-based company will open its new store in the Vialia shopping centre in June

Juan Soto

Friday, 10 May 2024, 13:00


Krack shoe shop is about to open in Malaga city. The Galician footwear giant, which supplies Spanish influencers such as Marta Rimbau and Dulceida, plans to open its doors in mid-June in the Vialia shopping centre (at the María Zambrano station) in what will be its first shop in the province.

The Pontevedra-based company will occupy 160 square metres of premises, its opening will employ five people (four shop assistants and a shop manager) and it will sell 800 styles of footwear.

Once the Malaga store opens, the company will have six shops in Andalucía, although its intention is to continue growing. It currently has two stores in Seville and one each in Cordoba, Jaén and Granada. In addition, they also hope to soon reach Huelva.

The company says that the opening in Malaga is part of its expansion plan throughout the country. During this year they have proposed to expand in the south of Spain, as these are the provinces where they have less presence.

On this occasion they have opted to open in the Vialia shopping centre, as it is an area with a lot of footfall and a corner location with great visibility as well as "presence in the city".

Since 1990

Krack shoe shops opened its first store in the centre of Pontevedra in 1990 by the Fontán brothers. For years it operated as a small family business, although in 2005 they decided to expand and now their stores can be found all over Spain.

Krack's managers define the brand as "courageous, inspiring, optimistic and approachable". It also promises to be "a fresh brand that is always committed to diversity and plurality, to always do it differently".

The Galician company's business model is divided in two: on the one hand, they offer multi-brand footwear, such as New Balance, Ipanema or Victoria; and on the other hand, they market their own brand, with two collections a year.

The company had a turnover of 37.3 million euros in 2023 and expects to exceed 40 million euros in 2024. It has a workforce of around 250 people and 80 per cent of its footwear is produced in Spain and Portugal.

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