King Felipe: 'The whole of Spain is behind Malaga's bold bid to host Expo 2027'

King Felipe: 'The whole of Spain is behind Malaga's bold bid to host Expo 2027'

The city is facing stiff competition to hold the international showcase from contenders in Thailand, Argentina, Serbia and the USA



Friday, 30 September 2022, 09:38

Delegates from the Bureau International des Expositions in Paris, organisers of Expo 2027, visited Malaga on Wednesday to examine details of the city's bid to host the prestigious event. The council's own figures suggest that the international showcase could attract three million visitors to the Costa del Sol during the 93 days of the exhibition, if the bid is successful.

The city's feasibility plan has revealed that the celebration of the Expo under the slogan The Urban Era: Towards the Sustainable City from 5 June to 5 September, 2027, would cost a total of 859 million euros, including expenses and the necessary investment to build the planned site on land at Buenavista, on the outskirts of the city.

Some 602 million euros have been set aside for the construction of the site and 256m for operating expenses, including personnel. The project would be subsidised by contributions from central government, the Junta, city council and provincial authority. The study also indicated that the Expo could generate 321 million euros of revenue, of which 136 million would be from ticket sales.

Earlier in the week the city's application to stage the event received a major boost when Spain's King Felipe publicly announced his support, saying that "the whole of Spain is with Malaga". Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez also backed the bid. However, it won't be until next June before the city knows if it has beaten other contenders from Thailand, Argentina, Serbia and the USA.



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