The garden walk evokes scenes from a biblical journey./Migue fernández

The garden walk evokes scenes from a biblical journey. / Migue fernández

A journey to the Orient on the Costa del Sol

Malaga’s La Concepción historic garden estate hosts Stela, a new light show this year to celebrate Christmas


Just as if they were the Wise Men themselves, following the Star in the East, visitors to La Concepción botanical gardens light show in Malaga journey through Persia, Babylon, River Jordan and Bethlehem itself.

The spectacular nighttime arrangement, named Stela, is the second organised at this historic town-hall owned estate four kilometres north of the city centre.

The Christmas garden show is run by Proactiv once again and is completely different to last year’s. It covers two kilometres of paths running in the opposite direction to 2021, with varied displays, as well as drink and snack options. Along the route, different characters interact with the public

Last year some 110,000 people completed the garden walk over the Christmas and New Year period, organisers said. This year more parking has been laid on and shuttle buses added from the end of Malaga bus line 2 in the Ciudad Jardín district.

The walk is open from 6pm to 9pm until 8 January, with no show on Christmas Eve, New Year’s Eve and 5 January.

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