Readers with Castillo's new book while queuing before the launch on Tuesday. Ñito Salas
Malaga author Javier Castillo's latest thriller tops book sales in just 24 hours

Malaga author Javier Castillo's latest thriller tops book sales in just 24 hours

A huge poster near the city's Cathedral announces the arrival of La Grieta del Silencio in bookshops by the acclaimed writer of The Snow Girl

Francisco Griñán

Friday, 19 April 2024, 15:57


Bookshops in Malaga city started displaying the new book by Javier Castillo as soon as it was released on Tuesday 16 April. In less than 24 hours La Grieta del Silencio (The Fissure of Silence) had topped the fiction book sales charts.

Both Amazon and bookshop La Casa del Libro have already placed the new thriller by the Malaga author at the top of the best-selling fiction books and confirm the loyalty of this author with readers.

La Grieta del Silencio is the last instalment of La Chica de Nieve (The Snow Girl) trilogy. The first book has already been serialised by Netflix, with the sequel currently being filmed.

The ad for the new novel.
The ad for the new novel. Ñito Salas

On Tuesday 16 April the official launch of La Grieta del Silencio took place at a SUR event, which saw long queues and a full house at the Albéniz cinema coinciding with the arrival in bookshops of the new volume that brings to an end the adventures of the iconic crime reporter Miren Triggs.

"It is my best novel," said the writer, who offers in this title a two-for-one, as it not only narrates the investigation of the disappearance of a child 30 years ago, but also closes the story of the particular tragedy that has been following its protagonist since the first novel.

Castillo revealed that La Grieta del Silenco starts with Miren finding herself in a dark place without knowing how she got there. From there her investigation into the case of Daniel Miller, whose abandoned bicycle appeared near to his house after leaving school.


An unsolved disappearance that occurred three decades ago and in which former FBI inspector and father of the boy, Ben Miller, asks the pair for help in a last attempt to discover the truth about his son.

All the books in the Snow Girl saga have reached number one on the bestseller list in Spain, as has his novel, El Cuco de Cristal, which has also been acquired by Netflix to be turned into a series.

La Grieta del Silencio has added to this success of the Malaga writer, who has sold more than two million books in Spain from his six previous novels, making him one of the bestselling Spanish language authors and a master of thrillers and suspense. An English version of the novel is not yet available.

Times Square

Castillo's face along with his books have also appeared on large promotional billboards in Madrid and in New York's Times Square. However, the author admitted on Tuesday that seeing the gigantic advertisement in his native city was "special".

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