Juan Rambla and Javier Frutos appear before the media this Thursday. / SALVADOR SALAS

Hospitality and nightlife sectors prefer the 'Covid passport' to new restrictions

Representatives of two trade associations in Malaga say it would be the ‘lesser evil’ compared to other measures such as reducing capacity or slashing opening hours


Both the hospitality and the nightlife sectors in Malaga consider that the ‘Covid passport’ is a beneficial tool at the moment and have said they would be favourable to its introduction in Andalucía, as the Junta wants.

Javier Frutos and Juan Rambla, the respective presidents of the Malaga hostelry sector (Mahos) and the nightlife sector, Andalucía de Noche, appeared before the media this Thursday (2 December) to endorse a measure that would force establishments to require a vaccination certificate from customers. In the current scenario, they consider that this procedure represents "a lesser evil" in the face of a possible return of restrictions to combat the current increase in infections.

Unnecessary alarm

“If the Junta is considering it, then they can count on us to back it. We think that the ‘Covid passport’ is much better than not having a normal Christmas because of restrictions that would hit businesses and not benefit anyone," said Frutos, arguing that it is "much better to have the Covid passport than not to have Christmas".

Rambla also blessed the introduction of the 'Covid passport' and called for "responsibility in messages" so as not to generate unnecessary alarm among the public: "Sometimes we alert the population more than necessary. It is good to be responsibile and cautious but right now the hospital occupancy rate is super low".

Both representatives have also agreed that neither catering nor nightlife can allow further steps back in the form of restrictions that reduce business at a key time such as Christmas. Both Frutos and Rambla have insisted that "many establishments have been closed for many months and others with very large restrictions, which means that we have a tremendous accumulated (losses)".