Siblings Paloma and Juan Luis Cremades, during the opening of the revamped parlour Marilú Báez
Revamped ice cream parlour celebrating 40 years of business reopens in Malaga

Revamped ice cream parlour celebrating 40 years of business reopens in Malaga

Helados Cremades in Pedregalejo opened its doors on Wednesday, while the branch in El Palo opens on Friday

Juan Soto


Wednesday, 20 March 2024, 19:31


Helados Cremades starts a new chapter in Pedregalejo in Malaga city with renewed energy and a brand new image. The ice cream parlour located in Calle Cenacheros, on the seafront promenade, opened this Wednesday 20 March after undergoing a complete refurbishment. The revamp coincides with the family business's 40th anniversary.

Work, which lasted four months, involved maintaining the parlour's traditional aesthetic and enlarging its workshop, making it visible to visitors so people can see how the ice cream is prepared. The access from the back alley was also improved.

Owner Paloma Cremades said: "The aim is to enhance the value of the product, to show how the ice creams and cakes are made in a traditional way." The business also modernised its logo to make it more eye-catching and in keeping with the style of the neighbourhood. "We have taken care of every detail and each stone is placed for a reason," Cremades said.

From this Wednesday, the ice cream parlour in Pedregalejo (the one that has been refurbished) will be open every day of the week from 11am to 11pm, and from Friday 22 March the shop in El Palo will also be open to the public. These initial opening hours will be extended when the timetable changes and the high season arrives.

As for the menu, Cremades said it will initially remain the same as last season, with 32 different flavours. These include kinder, nougat, chocolate and vanilla, which are the most popular. From next week, and coinciding with Easter, they will also be offering 'torrija' ice cream based on the typical Holy Week cake.

When asked about the ice cream production process, Cremades said they use natural ingredients and of the highest quality. For example, to make the toasted cream they prepare the caramel from the base, or for the vanilla, they only use egg yolks (they use 120 eggs to make 20 litres of ice cream).

Meringue milk ice-cream, the star of the show

And her favourite flavour? "The meringue milk, which is made with the same recipe that my father used to use and takes me back to the flavours of my childhood," Cremades said. It is prepared in a 10-litre boiler, little by little, and although it is a very basic and simple product, "it is the best product there is in ice cream", she added.

The history of the Cremades ice cream parlour dates back to the early 1970s, when the father of the current owners, Paloma and Juan Luis Cremades, opened his first shop in the Cruz del Molinillo neighbourhood in 1972.

The family ice cream tradition, however, goes back even further, when Timotea, the great-grandmother of the current owners, opened her first ice cream parlour in Valencia in the 1930s. Nowadays, they have two ice cream parlours: the one in Calle Cenacheros 34, in Pedregalejo, and another one in Avenida Salvador Allende 256, in El Palo.

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