TalentLab Málaga kicks off a new edition at the Palacio de Ferias. Salvador Salas
TalentLab paves the way from lecture hall to workplace

TalentLab paves the way from lecture hall to workplace

The three-day event in Malaga brought selected university graduates in contact with employers in search of talent

Matías Stuber

Friday, 17 May 2024, 15:44


A group of young people form a long queue at the entrance to the congress centre in Malaga. It is half past eight in the morning and their faces reflect a mixture of tiredness and nerves. Greetings and shy laughter are exchanged. These young people sense the opportunity that is opening up to them over the next three days and they want to be up to the task. The group is made up of 50 people who have been previously selected from more than 300 who also aspired to be where they are now. After the accreditation process, the young people enter one of the conference rooms at the centre, where several heads of the human resources department of the leading companies in Malaga are waiting for them.

Thousands of students leave university every year. Only a few of them manage to get a job that is related to what they have studied. These youngsters many be among those to succeed because what is being held this week is the fourth TalentLab Málaga, the SUR and ESIC-EIG project that connects the university with the world of employment. A bridge to achieve one of the most complicated and decisive steps in this vital process, bringing together, once again, the most cutting-edge companies and talent.

The initiative aims to detect talent, understand the dynamics of the workplace, see how to face a selection process or even start the aforementioned professional career. With four editions behind it, the legacy of TalentLab Malaga is already reflected in personified examples. Students who previously passed through here are now part the workforce of the companies they once 'connected' with.

From Wednesday to Friday, during intense morning and afternoon sessions, there has been an intense programme of workshops, talks and group activities organised by professionals who know what companies are looking for when they decide to recruit new employees. This year the participating companies are the following: FMIT Group, Grupo MEI, Airzone, EY GDS Spain, Hidralia, Leroy Merlin, EMT, Sinerba, Torcal Formación and CaixaBank. In addition, TalentLab Malaga is once again supported by Ikea and Malaga city council. The assesment process, which includes a final selection of the participants who took part in this edition, was carried out by Betancourt.

The young people were welcomed by the editor-in chief of SUR, Manolo Castillo; Mayor of Malaga, Francisco de la Torre; the director of Marketing ESIC-EIG Director Campus Malaga, Fernando Martin; the director of communication and institutional relations of Ikea Spain, Laura Ruiz de Galarreta; and the partner-director of Betancourt, Mara de Montserrat.

Welcome talk to the young people participating in this TalentLab Malaga.
Welcome talk to the young people participating in this TalentLab Malaga. Salvador Salas

All agreed on the importance of attitude. An attribute that marks the true differentiating factor in an ever-changing world of work, but in which the curriculum itself is increasingly losing its weight. "We are not looking for CVs, we are looking for people who identify with our values. At Ikea we want to improve people's daily lives," De Galarreta explained.

Castillo also stressed the need to "be a good person" and to know how to "play in a team". Selfishness, he suggested, may be useful for one-off success, but it is not compatible with a professional career in the medium and long term.

De la Torre, who made a point of greeting almost all the participants one by one, highlighted the value of TalentLab Malaga for a city that yearns to retain its best and avoid brain drain. "I want to express my gratitude for the companies that participate and make this possible. This is a direct connection between the business world and education. TalentLab Malaga is an intense but practical way to achieve this. In three days you are going to do an intensive course," he said.

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