MSC Cruises will offer cruises from Malaga to Egypt and the United States of America in November. SUR
From the Costa del Sol to Egypt or the USA on a luxury cruise: all you need to know about the new offers from Malaga

From the Costa del Sol to Egypt or the USA on a luxury cruise: all you need to know about the new offers from Malaga

MSC Cruises has scheduled an itinerary aboard the MSC Orchestra to the Egyptian city of Sharm el-Sheikh and two others to the US port of Miami in November

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Wednesday, 13 September 2023, 18:21

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Egypt and the United States of America will be the new destinations MSC Cruises will be sailing to from the Port of Malaga on the Costa del Sol in November.

The first cruise is a 23-night itinerary on board the MSC Orchestra, which will depart from Malaga city on 1 November for Sharm el-Sheikh in Egypt. The return trip to Spain on a flight to Madrid is included in the price.

Fernando Pacheco, general manager of MSC Cruises in Spain said that during the trip, passengers will be able to experience the lure of the Mediterranean and the Red Sea, and enjoy "breathtaking landscapes of cities such as Marseille, France; Genoa, Italy; Olympia, Greece; Petra, Jordan; Jeddah, Saudi Arabia and Sharm el-Sheikh in Egypt". On the itinerary, tourists will discover historic sites such as Petra, the 'Rose City' hewn from the rock, and other Unesco World Heritage structures.

The 92,409-tonne, 293-metre-long ship has a capacity for 3,013 passengers, 1,275 cabins with a crew of almost 1,000 people. There are varied restaurant options, swimming pools, gymnasium, theatre and casino on board the ship.

The trip starts with a stopover in Cadiz and continues to Lisbon; Alicante; Mahon; Olbia and Genoa in Italy; Marseille in France; and then returns to the port of Rome in Italy before docking at two ports in Greece, Olympia and Crete. It will then cross the Suez Canal to reach Petra; Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt and continue on to the port of Luxor and the port of Jeddah in Saudi Arabia, before returning to Petra. From there passengers will be transferred to the airport to fly to Madrid. Those who are thinking of indulging themselves they will need to budget for prices starting at 2,480 euros.

Two cruises to Miami

The company has also scheduled two other cruises departing from Malaga to Miami on trips that will go for 15 and 20 nights. The first will depart on 5 November and will be on the MSC Magnifica, with a price starting at 869 euros. The second will be the longest, with a 20-night itinerary on the MSC Divina, with a price starting at 1,469 euros. On both trips the return flight ticket to Malaga from Miami is not included in the price.

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