The navy rescue ship Neptune could become a museum. / sur

New nautical association floats the idea of a maritime museum in Malaga

The Liga Naval Mar de Alborán is holding talks about bringing the 60-metre navy rescue ship Neptune, which is about to be scrapped, to the Port to be refitted as a museum


A recently-created association of sailors, professional navigators and enthusiasts is calling for a Navy rescue ship to be turned into a floating maritime museum in Malaga Port.

The 60-metre-long Neptune is due to be scrapped, and the president of the Liga Naval Mar de Alborán association, Martín Sánchez Morales, explained that talks are under way with the Spanish Navy about the possibility of bringing it to Malaga.

“We are holding conversations with the Port authority and the mayor of Malaga as well as the naval commander, about converting the ship. This city needs a maritime museum,” he said.

The association isn’t wasting any time on getting its project under way, and has already begun contacting collectors to ask if they would donate items to be displayed in the museum. One, Manuel Mármol, who makes naval models and has a collection of 130, has said he would be prepared to participate in the project and allow his models to be exhibited. The Liga members are helping him to draw up an inventory of his pieces.

Environmental concerns

The Liga Naval Mar de Alborán was formed to boost the nautical sector in Malaga province. “It is an independent, apolitical, non-profit-making association and the main aim is to protect the Alborán Sea and sustainable nautical tourism,” Sánchez said.

Among other activities, its members have drawn up a maritime environmental patrol schedule using their own boats, so they can monitor particularly sensitive areas of the coast and make other sailors aware of the need to respect marine flora and fauna.

They are also creating a maritime forum in Malaga, with environmental experts from Gibraltar, Morocco and Spain, and will be organising a regatta which will take place in April or September next year.