Fairies and magical trees light up Plaza Mayor retail park in Malaga

Fairies and magical trees light up Plaza Mayor retail park in Malaga

The Gardens in Light is a three-day-only free experience that combines nature and technology to raise awareness of its latest environmental project

Juan Soto


Wednesday, 25 October 2023, 16:03


Malaga's Plaza Mayor retail park has launched an initiative to raise awareness of its sustainable gardens project. The shopping centre has organised a luminous and immersive tour that combines nature and technology to offer visitors an experience full of interactive games inside the shopping centre. Called The Gardens in Light, the free experience can be enjoyed from 26 to 28 October, between 8.30pm and 11pm.

Visitors will see different parts of the garden transformed into fantasy scenes such as a lake with animals and aquatic flora or an interactive floor that is sensitive to movement and changes colour when it detects weight.

Accompanied by fairies and dreamlike landscapes throughout the experience, visitors will also enjoy holograms of butterflies, or a fantasy area full of flowers and plants with LEDs, mushrooms, bees, luminous stones and windmills.

The end of the tour "shows how the small and large inhabitants of the gardens keep them beautiful and live together in peace and harmony, respecting their nature and technology," a spokesperson for the shopping centre said.

The Gardens in Light has been set up to raise awareness of the sustainable garden project that Plaza Mayor has been working on for 15 years. The sustainable gardens are based on the inclusion of native plants, the increase in the biodiversity of flora and fauna, a vertical garden, the installation of shelters and drinking troughs for animals and the implementation of innovative remote management systems to reduce the use of water and chemical pesticides.

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