Expo 2027 could attract 3m visitors if Malaga wins bid

Expo 2027 could attract 3m visitors if Malaga wins bid

The city council's feasibility plan has detailed the benefits that hosting the international event would bring to the capital of the Costa del Sol



Friday, 15 July 2022, 09:50

The city council in Malaga has published the dossier that was presented last month to the Paris-based International Exhibitions Office to endorse the city's bid to host the Expo 2027 exhibition.

The document included some of the main figures of what hosting this event would entail, and revealed the considerable effort that delivering it would require at an economic and logistical level. It also highlighted the benefits that it would bring to the city.

The feasibility plan contained in the dossier explained that the celebration of the Expo under the slogan The Urban Era: Towards the Sustainable City from 5 June to 5 September, 2027, would cost a total of 859 million euros, including expenses and the necessary investment to build the planned site on land at Buenavista, on the outskirts of the city.

Giant ring

There an enormous ring-shaped building would be constructed, some 560 metres in diameter, which would house the Expo pavilions around a central space for gardens, three themed pavilions (citizenship, innovation and the environment), restaurants and a theatre with space for 3,000 spectators.

The study indicated that the Expo could generate 321 million euros of revenue, of which 136 million would be from ticket sales.

The dossier estimates that, during the 93 days of the exhibition, 3.1 million visitors could have passed through Expo's gates, which could add up to some 7.5 million visits, since a repeat visit rate of 2.4 is estimated.

Of the 859 million euros Expo would cost, 602m are set aside for the construction of the site and 256m for operating expenses, including personnel (around 3,000 during the event and some three hundred over several years), marketing and funding for putting on cultural shows.

The project would be subsidised by contributions from central government, the Junta, city council and provincial authority - a total of 540 million euros.

Now the plans are on the table, but it won't be until June next year that Malaga city finds out whether there is enough support for its bid to beat the other contenders to host Expo 2027: Thailand, Argentina, Serbia and USA.



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