One of the two helicopters that made a stopover in Malaga on Thursday. SUR

Two large private helicopters cause a stir at Malaga Airport

The twin-propeller Chinook aircraft, which are usually used for cargo, belong to a US company and are for civilian use

Ignacio Lillo

Friday, 17 May 2024, 16:37

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Two Boeing CH-47 Chinook, twin-engine heavy-lift helicopters with tandem rotors, the type seen in a multitude of films, usually war and action movies, landed at Malaga airport on Thursday, arriving from Casablanca as part of a manoeuvre that attracted much attention due to the roar of their engines and because they are visually spectacular.

The air traffic controllers account on X (formerly Twitter) has distributed images of the landing operations of both helicopters, one of which belonged to former US president Donald Trump. This source points out that both now belong to the private US company Columbia Helicopters. These aircraft were originally designed to move goods, although recently they have been used mainly in the film industry.

Subsequently, SUR has been able to confirm from airport sources that their use is purely civilian, and not military. They have a flight plan similar to that of any other private aircraft, although neither their origin, nor their destination, nor the reason for their stopover in Malaga has been made public.

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