The incident occurred at 12.20 on Thursday morning. / sur

Drunk driver found to be carrying a gun and cocaine in his vehicle

Local Police officers on patrol in Calle Cristo de la Epidemia followed the 4x4 after it drove past them erratically and at high speed


When officers from Malaga’s Local Police force spotted someone driving erratically in middle of the night and gave chase, they made an unexpected discovery. His 4x4 vehicle contained a gun loaded with five bullets and several packs of cocaine, and he was carrying a suspicious amount of cash.

The incident occurred at 12.20am on Thursday, when the car passed the police patrol at high speed in Calle Cristo de la Epidemia. The driver showed signs of being under the influence of alcohol, so they followed him. When he stopped at a set of traffic lights they used their megaphone to order him to pull over. However, instead of complying he drove off and crashed into a rubbish container a few metres along the road.

The officers said he was reluctant to cooperate with them at first, but they searched him and found a small bag of white powder in one pocket which appeared to be cocaine, and 1,625 euros in cash in a trouser pocket.

They then searched the vehicle, and discovered the pistol in the gap between the front seats, loaded with five bullets. Later investigations revealed that the weapon, which was in perfect condition, was stolen in Italy earlier this year. There were three other packets of cocaine on the driver’s seat and on the floor.

A woman had been travelling in the car with the suspect and the police saw her trying to hide what looked like a napkin under her bag and her jacket. Underneath were another ten sealed packs of the same substance.

The driver was taken to the police station where he tested positive for both alcohol and cocaine. He and his female companion were both arrested for a public health offence, and the driver was also charged with refusing to obey an authority, illegal possession of a weapon and driving under the influence of drink and drugs.