The actor Manuel Morón, during filming in Malaga city this week

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The actor Manuel Morón, during filming in Malaga city this week Marilú Báez

Disney+ returns to Malaga to film the bullfighting series Maestro

Shooting will continue on Friday in the city's La Malagueta bullring, an obligatory setting for this television production

Francisco Griñán

Wednesday, 15 November 2023, 18:56

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Disney+ España has returned to Malaga to shoot a new television series, Maestros. It follows the filming in the city and Marbella last spring for the series We were the Lucky Ones and last September its British subsidiary filmed the fiction about the world of television, Rivals.

The latest filming is for a bullfighting series starring well-known actors Ricardo Gómez (Carlitos in the series Cuéntame), Óscar Jaenada (winner of two Goya awards) and Manolo Morón (Malaka).

The Andalusian actor Morón was spotted this Wednesday morning in Calle Ollerías. For the shooting of a summer scene he approached the door of a parked taxi and banged on the window to wake up the driver, who was sleeping peacefully. The scenes will feature in episode five of the series and involved a dozen extras sitting on the terrace of Desal café, which was closed for the occasion.

Although it was a fresh morning, extras were asked to take off their socks as the script required a summery look, while Manuel Morón, in shorts and short sleeves, was quickly protected with a coat every time the word "corten" (“cut”) was heard. After several repetitions of banging on the window and waking up the taxi driver, the film crew moved a few metres away inside number 31 Calle Ollerías, a historic building with an Andalusian courtyard that houses the headquarters of the Spanish Commission for Refugee Aid (CEAR) and an evangelical church.

This traditional architecture had been 'tuned' with a sign on the doorway that read "Sastrería de toreros", which Morón entered and, shortly afterwards, the bullfighter Óscar Higares, who, after leaving the arena, has turned to acting. He has also appeared in the series Entrevías.

Produced by Boomerang TV for Disney+, Maestros is created and directed by Valencian filmmaker Paco Plaza, co-creator of the horror saga Rec, who previewed his new film, Hermana Muerte, at the last Sitges Film Festival. Filming began last September in Aluche, Madrid, and has also passed through Zaragoza, Talavera de la Reina and Benidorm following the seasonal tour of the bullfighter protagonist. The series, which has the support of Malaga city hall, Malaga Film Office and the provincial authority, will continue on Friday in La Malagueta, the obligatory setting for this bullfighting production.

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