An image from the speeding video. LOCAL POLICE (MaLAGA)

Young couple convicted after posting video online of themselves driving at 141 km/h in 50 zone

The pair were tracked down by police after uploading a video to Instagram of their vehicle on a road near Malaga Airport



Friday, 21 October 2022, 17:14


Both a 21-year-old man and his 19-year-old partner have been convicted of driving offences after they were identified from a video they had uploaded to Instagram.

In the footage the speedometer shows a car travelling at 141km/h on a road near Malaga Airport limited to 50 km/h. The video was posted by the young man himself in story mode, a type of publication whose viewing is only available for 24 hours to followers. But they did not go unnoticed by Local Police officers from the Investigation and Protection Group who detected the video uploaded to the social network on 2 September.

As a result of this first video, the officers located two others, one from July 2019 and the other from 15 September, in which a young woman was seen driving a car.

A subsequent police investigation revealed two things: firstly, that the woman was driving without a licence and had never obtained one; and, secondly, that she was 16 years old when the July 2019 images were recorded. She was investigated for two offences against road safety for driving without a licence

In both cases she was accompanied by her partner. He was also accused of being an accomplice and of driving a vehicle with excessive speed.

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