Members of the public found it on the beach in the El Palo area. / MIGUE FERNÁNDEZ

Dead dolphin washes up on a Costa del Sol beach

The female adult had marks and scratches that indicate that it could have drowned after being trapped in a fishing net


A dead dolphin has been found by members of the public on a beach in Malaga’s El Palo district early this Thursday morning, 9 December.

Several people who were walking near the Plaza del Padre Ciganda spotted the mammal on the shore, near the dry dock area. It is an adult female dolphin, some 1.8 metres long with an approximate weight of 80 kilos.

"It was already dead when we saw it, at around nine in the morning. We notified the 112 emergency number," said Lola Araque.

A team from the Aula del Mar endangered marine species recovery centre will take the dolphin away to perform an autopsy and determine the cause of death.

But, after a preliminary inspection, the first theory suggests that it could have died from drowning, due to being caught in a fishing net. "It is quite scratched and with many marks," explained the Aula del Mar experts.

"When they are weak, the dolphins go looking for the shore as a refuge area, but if it has drowned, it is likely that it has died and the currents have carried it in," they say with caution, while awaiting the results of the autopsy and a toxicology report.