The MSC Orchestra / SUR

MSC's new super-luxury cruise ships due to sail into Malaga next year

This summer, the shipping company with most stops in the port, will base the MSC Orchestra in the city and will make 12 departures from Malaga with 10-day itineraries from 30 June

Pilar Martínez

MSC Cruises has announced that its new line of super-luxury ships under the Explora Journeys brand will include stops in Malaga next year.

"I'm sure that next year some of these ships will embark and disembark in Malaga. The city is going to be a very strategic port for the shipping company with a large volume of passengers," said Fernando Pacheco, general director of MSC Cruises in Spain.

Meanwhile, this summer, the company's MSC Orchestra will make 12 departures from Malaga with 10-day itineraries from 30 June.

“It has been a delight to base a ship in this port in summer. It isn't a novelty for the company to embark and disembark at these facilities. We did it last autumn with two ships with very good results. And expectations are being met this summer. Sales are beginning to pick up pace. We are very satisfied,” said Pacheco.

"We are very happy to continue demonstrating with this type of action the enormous commitment that the company has made in offering new opportunities to bring cruise passengers from all over the world closer to the ports of southern Spain. For example, Malaga is and will continue to be one of the destinations with which we are happy to be able to work and collaborate,” he added.

The average passenger spends 341 euros per day in Malaga when cruise ships are docked, according to industry data.