Part of the team of the Superheroes Association 'One Child One Smile', at the presentation of FreakCon 2023. Cristina Pinto
Countdown to FreakCon 2023 in Malaga, with a Harry Potter movie star attending

Countdown to FreakCon 2023 in Malaga, with a Harry Potter movie star attending


The seventh edition of this festival returns this weekend with the aim of 'turning the city into the capital of geek culture'

Cristina Pinto


Friday, 24 February 2023


«To turn Malaga into the capital of geek culture» is the self-proclaimed aim of FreakCon 2023 which takes place next weekend, 4-5 March, at the city's congress and exhibition centre. This edition will see the appearance of two very well-known guests: the actor Mark Williams, acclaimed for his role as Mr. Weasley in Harry Potter, and the German performer and cosplayer Maul, who has millions of followers around the world on his social networks.

«They are the stars of honour, who are coming to Malaga for the first time and are very excited to get to know the city,» said the general manager of festival promoter Kaiju Entertainment, Mónica Ibars.

Mark and Maul will be joined by more than 30 renowned professionals who include Defreds, Elesky, Rey Enigma, Minerva McGonacat, Strip Marvel, Pedrita Parker, Jordi Cruz, 72 Kilos, Natacha Bustos, AlbyHM, Armand Entreti, Esttik, Sara Vivas, JackWise, La Botella de Kandor, Hermoti, Dayo Script, Claudio Serrano, Carlos Ysbert, Martin Simonson, and Escardi. They will all pass through the spaces of the centre's two auditoriums, in a new concept called FreakCon Forum, which will provide a more intimate space, in addition to a Talks Zone.

In total the festival will be divided into more than forty spaces. There will be the traditional Artist's Alley and the Artisan's Zone with about a hundred creators who come from all over the world to sell their handmade products; you can also visit the Chess Zone which this year will hold new and larger tournaments; a Workshop Zone (K-Pop and Cosplay); a Tattoo Zone; and the main stage with concerts and live competitions.

«This is the most ambitious edition of FreakCon,» said the vice-president of the Diputacion, Malaga's provincial authority, Manuel Marmolejo. The dignitary said that he visits this festival every year and that it is «one of the events that brings the most people to the exhibition centre».

«Projects like this are important to excite young people who want their future in this sector, this year this festival is going to be huge,» said the councillor for Urban Innovation and Digitalisation, Susana Carillo.

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