Maintenance of the niches will cost 14.20 euros a year. migue fernández
Not just a cost of living crisis: dying in Malaga will also become more expensive next year

Not just a cost of living crisis: dying in Malaga will also become more expensive next year

Parcemasa is to increase its cemetery rates after freezing them for ten years and will be charging for some services such as the maintenance of the Garden of Remembrance

Francisco Jiménez


Monday, 22 August 2022, 12:22


Cemeteries are not exempt from rising inflation rates and dying in Malaga will become a bit more expensive in 2023. Parcemasa, the municipal company which manages the city’s cemeteries, intends to raise its charges by two per cent next year (or more, in some cases) and to charge for some services. Although this will be covered by insurance companies, about 20 per cent of people in Malaga have no funeral insurance and have to pay Parcemasa directly for their services.

This will be the first time in ten years that Parcemasa has increased its charges. Burial in a niche will go up from 249.19 euros to 254.17; cremation will be nearly ten euros more expensive, at 499.08 euros; annual maintenance of the niches will cost 14.20 euros instead of 13.92, and preparation for transfers to other municipalities will rise from 68.60 euros to 69.97.

Some charges will increase by more than two per cent, such as use of the ecumenical room, which will go up from 18.97 to 51 euros, the same as the ceremonial chamber now that it has been modernised and improved.

New charges

From next year, people will also have to pay 20 euros a year towards the cost of maintaining the Garden of Remembrance, where families can choose a tree and have their loved one’s ashes deposited there, and it will cost 150 euros for a plaque to be installed on the wall of the garden. Parcemasa will also begin charging 20 euros to issue duplicates of invoices, contracts or service details if they are needed.

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