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Cancer patient threatens Malaga doctor over treatment change

Cancer patient threatens Malaga doctor over treatment change

The assailant, accompanied by a relative, was persuaded to calm down and leave the hospital quietly


Friday, 10 May 2024, 12:17


A health workers union has reported the case of a patient in the oncology department of Malaga's Hospital Civil who threatened and insulted the doctor as he did not agree with the change of treatment proposed by the professional. The incident took place on Tuesday 30 April. The aggressor was persuaded by the relative who had gone to the hospital with him, together with the doctor, to calm down and leave the surgery quietly, which he subsequently did, despite his level of aggression.

The emotional distress suffered by the doctor with regard to her patient is a situation that the professional, whose job is to help users improve their health, should not have to put up with in her work place.

On the other hand, the Hospital Civil, whose facilities are old, despite its refurbishment, has consulting rooms that are traps with no escape, which the management should improve and review for situations such as this.

The Malaga Medical Union (SMM), which denounced this latest aggression, is supporting the professional and has held a rally at the hospital to condemn the attack. It also questions what has to happen in a hospital or primary care centre in the province of Malaga for the Andalusian administration to implement the necessary measures to raise public awareness and ensure the safety of its employees once and for all.

No action has been taken by the regional health service in terms of security, nor has the number of security guards been increased, nor is it on the agenda of the regional minister of health to implement anything at all in this regard, the result of the disastrous health policy of the Junta de Andalucía, after 14 cases of assault on doctors in Malaga so far this year.

The SMM encourages professionals to report any kind of physical or verbal aggression, threat or insult during working hours, as the use of violence to express patients' dissatisfaction is never justified, as patients have other ways to express their disagreement with health professionals.

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