The gang's leader in Malaga has been arrested SUR

Biker gang on the Costa del Sol busted for sending doping drugs to Finland disguised as olive oil

Nine people were arrested in Spain and Finland including the gang’s leader in Malaga


Monday, 14 February 2022, 11:25


A National Police operation has led to the arrest of nine members of the Hell’s Angels biker gang, including the group’s leader on the Costa del Sol, for sending doping and anabolic drugs hidden in bottles of olive oil from Spain to Finland.

The joint operation between Spanish and Finnish police forces began when officers uncovered the scheme to send drugs to Finland.

Over the course of the investigation, police monitored several meetings at the gang’s headquarters in Malaga. Later, they discovered the gang was sending anabolic steroids via a postal parcel company from Spain to Tampere in Finland.

Officers intercepted the shipments and confiscated 25 bottles of supposed olive oil but really containing substances such as testosterone, nandrolone, trenbolone and others.

Since the beginning of February, police in Finland and Spain carried out a total of 11 raids. In Malaga, officers seized various types of narcotics as well as electronic devices, documentation, 5,770 euros in cash, two motorcycles and a mobile phone.

In Finland, officers discovered a laboratory where doping substances were made, nearly 10,000 euros in cash, a pistol, 100 marijuana plants and small amounts of other narcotic substances.

As a result of the operation, nine people have been arrested, two of them in Malaga.

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