Badly parked scooters and electric bikes on the pavement in front of the customs office. SALVADOR SALAS
City council receives eight bids to run electric scooter and bike service

City council receives eight bids to run electric scooter and bike service

The tender foresees the concession of this public service to a single company, which will have to provide parking points across the city


Friday, 22 July 2022, 15:52


Malaga City Council's deadline for submitting bids for the concession of a bike and electric scooter rental service closed just before midnight on Wednesday, 21 July, after having received a total of eight bids from firms interested in becoming the sole operator.

The names of the bidders will not be made public until next Monday, 25 July, but, as far as SUR has been able to learn most of the six brands currently operating in the capital, and others who have had a presence in the past, have applied.

Malaga city hall, with the intention of having a single company run the concession, intends to bring order to the chaotic situation that is once again happening in areas of the city centre and neighbourhoods such as Pedregalejo due to the uncivil attitude of some users and the lack of control by the owners of the scooters.

The company awarded the contract will be obliged to offer a discount of up to 51 per cent on the hire rate to all citizens registered in the city. According to José del Río, councillor for Mobility, a Malaga resident will be able to use an electric bike or a scooter for between 12 and 15 euros per month.

The company awarded the contract will have to provide 30 parking areas, across all the districts, not just in the centre, which is the most popular area. The council will tell them where to place them, and they will be added to the 20 that already exist. The new locations have been negotiated with the 11 districts, and will be linked to the EMT, Metro and María Zambrano stations.

A maximum of 1,000 units will have to be distributed at these points, between both bikes and scooters, although the mayor left the door open for more, provided that the company organises them in such a way that they can be accommodated in this space. Currently, there are around 1,800 vehicles of this type circulating in the capital.


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