Rabi Aouam poses inside his establishment. / MARCOS ÁLVAREZ

Malaga roaster boasts best coffee in Spain

"It has a floral, fruity and liqueur fragrance; and when tasted it is an explosion of plum and berry flavours with a citrus orange," said the creator Rabi Aouam of Kima Coffee


Kima Coffee, located in in Malaga's Calle Carretería, can boast of offering the best coffee in Spain. The Bombe Q1, an Ethiopian coffee from the Sidama region with an aroma of flowers and a slight plum flavour, has just been crowned as the best roast in the country at the Aeropress Spain championship.

Forty-four roasters from all over Spain took part in the competition and the specialised jury chose the product presented by the Malaga company in a blind tasting. This coffee will now be the one used by the country's best baristas in the national championship to be held on 30 October.

The owner of the business, Rabi Aouam, says that he had no doubts when it came to choosing the one to present at the competition. “When we roasted it, we knew it was a flavour bomb. It has a floral, fruity and liqueur fragrance; and when tasted it is an explosion of plum and berry flavours with a citrus orange finish,” Aouam says.

Kima Coffee opened as a roastery in 2018 and as a coffee shop in 2021. It currently offers customers between five and ten speciality and seasonal coffees, varied depending on the time of year. "We have coffees from all the coffee regions of the world," Aouam says. The coffees are also available to take away.

Moroccan-born Aouam has been involved in the world of coffee for more than a decade. He arrived in Spain in 1999 and started working in the Flor bar, in the La Malagueta area. "At that time I knew nothing about coffee or the hostelry and catering business, I just pressed the button I was told to press".

After several years of experience, he started training as a barista in 2010, and in 2014 he won the Andalusian championship for best barista and best espresso. But he didn't stop there and decided to investigate where the coffee he prepared came from. To do so, he travelled to Colombia and reached the first commercial agreements with coffee growers and trained as a roaster.

He made the leap to his own company in 2018, when he opened the Kima Coffee roastery (in honour of his wife, whose name is Kima) on Avenida de Carlos Haya. Later, in 2021, he moved to the centre, to a small shop located at Calle Carretería, 51.

Aouam says that his growth is so significant that he is looking for a warehouse to expand the roastery and be able to serve many more customers, including bars and restaurants. "We want to grow because we also sell online, we advise businesses that want to start up and we train future professionals," he says.