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Beer bike pedalled through Malaga city found to be operating without valid permits

Beer bike pedalled through Malaga city found to be operating without valid permits

Officers confiscated the vehicle, which was being pedalled by eight people, on the west side of the city last Saturday

Chus Heredia

Tuesday, 20 February 2024, 11:19


A beer bike, a multi-rider, pedalled-powered vehicle rented for parties, has been confiscated in Malaga city after police found it was operating without valid licences.

The touring pub, which combines cycling in a group, sightseeing, beer-drinking, snacking and music, is associated with tourist groups and stag and hen parties. Malaga city hall said police stopped one in the Pacífico area near the seafront on the west side Malaga city on Saturday 17 February; it was being pedalled by eight people.

"Police have immobilised a vehicle that was rented as a cycle-bar service on a public road and have denounced the company that owned it for carrying out a hospitality service without the relevant authorisation," it said. The bike also used music equipment without a permit and had deficiencies that posed a risk to other vehicles. One person on the beer bike also tried to intervene when officers inspected the vehicle, the city hall added.

Operating a beer bike should have the same licences as the running of a hospitality business, but owning company Ecotandem Bike, S.L.U. did not have the authorisation,only a declaration of responsibility for the rental of bicycles and for the sale of alcohol, the council pointed out.

Dangers to road safety

During the inspection of the vehicle, police officers detected a series of defects that presented it as a risk to other road traffic such as a lack of rear-view mirrors and lack of backrests for users who pedal sideways and risk falling. There were also issues with two electric motors and cables from the batteries.

Beer bikes, on which one person from the company steers and another serves drinks while the other occupants pedal, have become popular in cities such as London, Dublin, Amsterdam, Berlin and other cities in the Netherlands and even the US. The business must observe road safety and have all the licences to operate a hospitality business in a public place.

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