The little boy was taken to the emergency department at the Materno Infantil hospital. / sur

Doctors suspect a ten-month-old baby who was admitted to hospital in Malaga had ingested drugs

The baby spent three days at the Materno Infantil until doctors ascertained that his life was no longer in danger, and the National Police have opened an investigation


A ten-month-old baby was admitted to Malaga’s Materno Infantil hospital and kept in for three days after showing signs of having ingested drugs, say police sources.

The incident occurred on Saturday, 20 August, and the baby was not allowed to go home until Monday, when doctors confirmed that his life was no longer in danger. The police have opened an investigation into the case.

The doctors who examined the little boy on Saturday suspected a possible intoxication and carried out tests to see whether he had ingested some type of narcotic substance, although no confirmation of the results has been given by the hospital or the police.

Under the special protocol for situations of this type, the hospital has to inform the legal authorities so they can also investigate what happened.