Arrival of Costco on the Costa del Sol moves a step closer

Arrival of Costco on the Costa del Sol moves a step closer

The second-biggest wholesale retail chain in the world, after Walmart, is to open a hypermarket at the Malaga Nostrum retail park

Francisco Jiménez


Monday, 3 April 2023, 16:31


The arrival of the American chain of hypermarkets Costco, which is part of the upcoming transformation of the Malaga Nostrum retail park, has moved a little closer. A planning licence has been granted by the city council to the North American firm to build a large commercial area in the space currently occupied by the cinemas, which will move to the Conforama building. Although the global investment in Malaga Nostrum will exceed 60 million euros, the works that Costco must undertake are estimated at 18.3million and are estimated to take three years to complete, according to the municipal authority.

Once the existing cinema building is demolished, the new hypermarket will be built, which will have 640 parking spaces distributed between the basement and the ground floor. On this first floor, a tyre sale and fitting establishment is also planned, while on the upper floor the main activity will be the hypermarket. Although it will not be the only thing, since the project also includes a restaurant area, toilets, optician and audiometry areas as well as offices.

Once the works licence is granted, the company has six months to start the construction. An application was submitted in October 2021 and it has now been validated by planners after obtaining favourable reports from Spain's State aviation safety agency (21 January 2022) as the sector is within the airport easements area and limits the height of the construction up to a maximum of 14.5 metres, as well as that of the fire prevention, extinction and rescue service (12 December, 2022) and, finally, that of the Mobility area of ​​the City Council, in charge of the planning and regulation of the traffic in the accesses to the new establishment. Now the company must pay a 331,752 euro licence fee to the local council.

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Then the way is cleared for the arrival of Costco in what would be its fifth shopping centre in Spain after those in Madrid, Getafe, Bilbao and Seville. What characterises these hypermarkets is that they work like a club in which you have to register and pay a fee to become a member to be able to make purchases. The chain is considered the second largest in the world in the retail category after Walmart.

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