The cybercrime group carried out a forensic analysis of the device. policia nacional
Man arrested in Malaga for spying on a female colleague by installing an app on her mobile phone

Man arrested in Malaga for spying on a female colleague by installing an app on her mobile phone

He is accused of using remotely controlled software to violate her privacy and photograph and record her in her everyday life

Irene Quirante


Monday, 27 June 2022, 18:43


A Malaga man suspected of installing a remotely controlled app in a female colleague's mobile phone to spy on her without her knowledge has been detained by the National Police. He is thought to have obtained over 1,000 files, including videos and photos taken with her phone and is being investigated for discovering and revealing secrets.

The woman realised that her privacy had been invaded after receiving a new phone for Christmas. When she was transferring information from her old phone to the new one, she saw an icon that she didn’t recognise. When she opened the app she found a folder containing hundreds of photos, videos and recorded conversations, all obtained by her phone's camera and microphone.

In early January she reported the matter to the police, whose cybercrime group found that remotely controlled software had been installed in the phone and was activated every time it was in use.

The app was linked to her email address, and from the information contained there the police were able to identify someone who was accessing her phone without her knowing. He turned out to be a work colleague, and their relationship had never been anything other than strictly professional.

After obtaining the relevant warrants, police searched his home and removed several electronic devices so they could be forensically analysed. The man was also arrested.

The app in question appears to be one used to locate lost phones by GPS and it enables devices to be used as an IP surveillance camera and to capture sounds via the microphone. In this case, the police concluded, the individual had installed the software illegally to spy on his colleague and violate her privacy, creating files recording her everyday life, many of them from inside her home.

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