CCTV coverage of the attack.

Arrest made after tourist choked outside Malaga city hotel

The suspect allegedly kept a look-out while her partner assaulted a woman and left her unconscious, as captured by hotel CCTV cameras


The National Police have arrested a woman on suspicion of being involved in the violent robbery of a tourist who was put in a headlock. The victim, a tourist, was choked outside a city centre hotel until she lost consciousness but was saved by the quick action of employees who witnessed the incident on their hotel security cameras.

Footage from the hotel's video surveillance system showed how a young man approached the foreigner from behind, putting his arm around her neck and exerting pressure. The victim tried to use her hands to free herself from the attacker, but after a few seconds she fainted and lost consciousness.

A second person also appears in the video, believed to be the woman who was arrested on Monday 28 November for her alleged involvement in the robbery that used the dangerous headlock. In the images the woman can be seen keeping lookout in case anyone sees the attack.

The images also show that, while the man is rummaging through the tourist's belongings, his accomplice realises that they have been discovered and starts to pull the thief's arm, warning him that they have to flee.

A hotel employee, seeing what was happening on CCTV, ran out to help the victim with two other colleagues. Their actions prevented the thieves from taking her handbag. The young girl, on regaining consciousness and in shock, attempted to get away from her rescuers, but was held back by the hotel staff until the National Police arrived.