The blaze in the 12-storey building in Malaga. SUR

Malaga fire: at least four injured, including two firefighters, in tenth-storey apartment blaze

The fire broke out at around 4pm this Wednesday afternoon, 23 November, and emergency services are still at the scene


Wednesday, 23 November 2022, 19:50


At least four people have been injured, two of them firefighters, in a fire that started this Wednesday afternoon, 23 November, in an apartment block in Malaga city.

Emergency services have been at the scene since around 4pm when around a dozen people raised the alarm to warn of the fire and the dense smoke that was coming out of the affected building.

Apparently, the health services have attended to the couple who were inside the property. According to sources consulted, a woman suffered from smoke inhalation, while a man, in addition to breathing problems, has suffered first and second degree burns to various parts of his body, when he have tried to tackle the flames.

At least two firefighters have also been injured, with minor burns, due to the extremely high temperatures in the property in which they have been working for nearly three hours.

The affected property is located on the tenth floor of an eleven-storey building in the Paseo Marítimo Ciudad de Melilla.

During the afternoon, four crews from Malaga's provincial brigade have been tackling the fire, and they are still working at the scene, alongside health workers, Local and National Police.

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