Banderas has portrayed Picasso before. / efe

Antonio Banderas to stage a musical about Malaga-born artist Pablo Picasso

The actor and director will star in the show, which is being created in conjunction with the Trafalgar Theatre in London and will be performed on Broadway, in the British capital and in his own theatre, the Soho Caixabank, in Malaga


Theatres have to plan their schedules two or three years ahead, so while rehearsals for a modern version of Godspell are just beginning at the Soho Caixabank Theatre in Malaga, actor and director Antonio Banderas already has other projects on the table including Picasso, the Musical, about the world-famous artist who, fittingly, was born in Malaga.

Banderas will star in the show, working alongside American playwright and theatre director Gordon Greenberg and composer and lyricist Stephen Schwartz, who has also written the music and songs for Godspell.

Also involved in the Picasso project is Trafalgar Entertainment, a company with its own theatre in London. Thanks to Banderas being involved, the show will be performed in English and Spanish on stages on Broadway, in London and in Malaga.

Banderas to play Picasso again

A decade ago the actor announced that he was to star in 33 Días, a show about Picasso and how he created the famous painting Guernica, although it never saw the light of day due to legal problems with the producer. However, it seems that the artist and the actor were destined to come together at some point and their paths crossed in 2017 in the National Geographic series Genius: Picasso, which Banderas filmed in Malaga and was premiered at the city’s Cervantes Theatre.

For that production, the actor portrayed Picasso at different ages and had to shave his head and undergo extremely long makeup sessions to play the artist in the final stage of his life .

The Soho Caixabank theatre will be creating a musical completely from scratch instead of designing a new version of a show which has already become famous. It promises to be a unique form of entertainment about one of the most seductive personalities in the world of art.