Proposed redevelopment of the San Andrés marina SUR
These are the plans for a new 54-million-euro marina in Malaga, the most modern on the Costa del Sol

These are the plans for a new 54-million-euro marina in Malaga, the most modern on the Costa del Sol

Qatar's Al Alfia fund plans to invest in the marina with room for more than 500 boats, luxury shops, restaurants and a sailing school


Tuesday, 1 February 2022, 10:11

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The Al Alfia group, from Qatar, through Marina Malaga SAN, is the winner of the virtual contest to develop the San Andrés marina in the Huelin area of Malaga city.

The plan, worth 54 million euros invested over two years, envisages a new nautical centre with space for 506 boats including two berths for large yachts up to 50 metres in length, five berths for yachts up to 30 metres in length with the remainder of berths earmarked for boats less than 12 metres long.

The project aims to be sustainable, with "close to zero" energy consumption. The buildings will be ‘bioclimatic’ and use solar power as well as aerothermal air conditioning systems. A seawater desalination plant will supply water to the proposed complex. Extensive green areas are also planned.

Access to the marina will be at the front of Huelin park. Visitors will be greeted by a series of seven low rise buildings housing luxury shops over 3,000 square metres. The two storey buildings will have terraces on top with views of the marina.

According to the proposal, the nautical complex will aim to become a destination point in Malaga city with restaurants, offices, a gym and spa, children’s nursery area, offices, cafes and bars, large open terraces and VIP dining.

The complex will also house a sailing school and a dry navy yard with storage facilities for 100 boats, workshops, warehouses and offices. Onsite parking will be available with 305 surface parking spaces and a further 134 spaces underground.

The proposal, for what is described as the most modern marina on the Costa del Sol, is expected to be presented to the Port Authority's Board of Directors on 4 February. If all goes to plan, the objective is to obtain the permits and start the works after the summer.

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