The British band Years & Years went down a storm.

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The British band Years & Years went down a storm. hugo cortés

Andalucía Big Festival comes to a close in Malaga and leaves fans wanting more

This first macro-festival at the city's fairground was considered a huge success, with thousands of people attending on each of the three days

Regina Sotorrío


Monday, 12 September 2022, 10:40


There is a saying in the world of theatre: leave them wanting more. And although this was music and not drama, the first Andalucía Big Festival did just that. The three day macro-festival at Malaga city's fairground came to an end with the organisers and the public delighted at its success and wanting it to become an annual event.

Thousands of people attended on each of the three days, and on Saturday night 20,000 are reported to have been there especially to see the headline act Muse.

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This festival particularly stood out because of the variety of the music. There was something for everybody, with well-known names, up-and-coming bands, famous hits and new numbers that had never been heard before. The performers ranged from famous names of rock and electronic pop to María José Llergo and her modern flamenco and young Norwegian singer Aurora, who has been described as a cross between Enya and the Cranberries.

The crowds certainly seemed very happy and the reactions of those that SUR spoke to said it all. “I don’t want it to end. I want more!” exclaimed Elena Berjillos, while Paula Trujillo said it had all gone by too fast. “I’ve loved every minute, there is nothing I can criticise at all,” said Miriam Moreno, who is from Almeria and a keen festival-goer.

It is worth noting that the organisers had taken care of every detail in this first edition of the Andalucía Big Festival, from the cleanliness of the toilets to speedy service at the bars. The 45,000 metres of artificial grass and the quality of the sound also received favourable comments from the audiences.

“It’s like a small Mad Cool, and it’s brilliant,” said Antonio Ruiz from Vélez-Malaga, who was delighted to have an event like this 30 minutes from his home. “Good music and a great atmospere,” added Saúl Sánchez.

Like many others, Alba Urbano, Rocío Manrique and Ana Garrido said they want it to become a regular event. “I really hope they do this again,” said María José Berrocal. It is a wish that appears to be shared by those who attended and the organisers, Mad Cool, alike.





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