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Major association of German travel agents to hold annual conference on Costa del Sol next year

Major association of German travel agents to hold annual conference on Costa del Sol next year

Five hundred professionals will gather in Malaga city for the three-day event next March, which will also mark DRV's 75th anniversary

Pilar Martínez


Wednesday, 6 March 2024


If there are events that are almost guaranteed to bring a significant return, one of them is the annual conference of the major DRV German Travel Association, which has more than 3,000 member agencies. And it has now been confirmed that Malaga city will host their 2025 event, which also has the added bonus that the association will be celebrating its 75th anniversary.

This is not the first time that the DRV association has met on the Costa del Sol. In 2000 it celebrated its half century of existence in Torremolinos and the impact of this meeting was felt with the arrival of 5% more German tourists the following year.

The undoubted rebound effect from next year’s event is already being applauded by the Junta de Andalucía's Minister of Tourism, Arturo Bernal, together with the president of Turismo Costa del Sol tourism board, Francisco Salado. Local mayors and tourism councillors from Malaga province who travelled to Berlin are also celebrating attracting the event.

DRV will hold its annual conference between 27 and 30 March 2025. Bernal explained the importance of this event for Malaga province due to the idiosyncrasy of the German market in which travel agencies still play a major role as German nationals trust them more than online platforms.

Bernal also highlighted the importance of tour operators in Andalucía, since one out of every three travellers who visit the region does so with a package tour. "For this reason, contact with the main travel agencies in Germany will be emphasised," he said, highlighting the opportunity that the ITB Berlin trade fair - the largest in the world - will provide to strengthen the positioning of the destination.

Salado said that the DRV is "the most important association of German travel agents in the country. It has 3,000 members, of which 500 will travel to Malaga city". He highlighted the fact that the 2025 event "will not only strengthen the ties between the Costa del Sol and the DRV, but is also expected to significantly boost the arrival of German visitors to the province in the coming years".

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