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Last weekend of winter in Malaga and on the Costa del Sol forecast to be a hot and dry one
Weather forecast

Last weekend of winter in Malaga and on the Costa del Sol forecast to be a hot and dry one

The weather forecast shows lots of sun and maximum temperatures much higher than usual for the time of year but, sadly, no sign of the much-needed rain over the next few days in the province

Ignacio Lillo


Friday, 15 March 2024, 09:49


This weekend will be the last of winter, as astronomical spring will begin on Wednesday, 20 March, at 4.06am. After a spell of rain, snow and cold during the previous week, from now on and for several days there will be warmth (well above average for this time of year), sunshine and even a possible return of the warm 'terral' wind blowing from inland. All this, sadly, without a trace of the much-needed rainfall.

"The rise in temperatures is going to be general, across a large part of Spain, due to a very stable anticyclonic situation", explained the head of Aemet's state weather agency in Malaga, Jesús Riesco. The rise in maximum temperatures will be felt throughout the province. This Friday (15 March), Riesco forecasts an inrush warm 'terral' air from the west, which will be more noticeable in Malaga city and areas of the coast where the warm wind usually blows (Coín and the rest of the Guadalhorce valley, Vélez, Estepona, etc).

On Saturday it will change to easterly and the mercury will drop a little, and on Sunday it will rise again - across the board. "The tendency is to rise throughout the province," added the meteorologist, although with differences in the weather between the coast and inland - when it is higher in one, it will tend to fall in the other, and vice versa.

Therefore the maximum temperatures in Malaga city will be around 25C today, 22-23 degrees on Saturday and 24C on Sunday. "These are quite high for this time of year, well above normal values," Riesco warned. The situation will continue at least until Monday, when the Guadalhorce valley could reach up to 30 degrees.

From Tuesday onwards, the situation will tend to normalise, although with temperatures still above 22-23C and minimum temperatures of 15-16 degrees. However, for the time being, the much-needed rain is not on the horizon in the short term.

The anticyclonic ridge will be accompanied by "a very warm air mass for the time of year", added José Luis Escudero, head of SUR's weather blog, Tormentas y Rayos (Storms and Lightning . "We will have positive temperature anomalies of up to 8 and 11 degrees, and the rest of the Andalusian region will also be affected". The expert pointed out that on Monday there could be thunderstorms.

Ten degrees more in a week

It is worth remembering that the average maximum temperature for this month, according to the state agency Aemet statistics, is 19.6C and the minimum 9.8 degrees. Last weekend, the values were even lower than these, so the thermal rise, as Escudero reminds us, will exceed 10C in just one week. A roller coaster ride of rises and falls in the mercury that is leaving many Malaga residents with colds and early allergy peaks.

However, this time the levels will not reach what happened in March last year, which was the hottest in terms of the average maximum temperature at Malaga Airport's Aemet weather station. The 23C beat the previous record, which dated back to 1952 (22.4C). It also beat, by one tenth of a degree, the second highest maximum temperature record in 1952 (31.2 degrees): the maximum at the airport in March 2023 was 31.3C. Therefore, the record value of the maximum temperature in the third month of the year of 31.4C, which happened on the 26th in 1988, remains intact.

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