Illojuan and Masi / sur

Meet the Fuengirola internet sensation with a million followers on YouTube

This month, Juan Alberto García - known as Illojuan - became the Spanish-speaking streamer with the highest number of paying subscribers in the world on the Twitch platform


He sits in front of a camera in one of the rooms in his house, connects to the internet and starts to talk. He wears comfy clothes, or sometimes even pyjamas, with a coffee or soft drink to hand. He talks about anything and everything, and comments on the latest viral videos or plays computer games. It sounds like the easiest job in the world, but it isn’t. Because what these YouTubers, many of them now streamers too, really do is entertain people. And that isn’t easy.

Making the user the other side of the screen want to watch your channel and not any other of the millions available is complicated and requires hours of work, sacrifice, a lot of ingenuity and almost certainly a bit of luck. If these users also decide to pay you a small amount each month to see content which is available free of charge, that is the icing on the cake and is only achieved by a very few people who can earn a living as content creators on the internet.

Within this elite, which includes names like Ibai and Rubius, Juan Alberto García, known as Illojuan, is achieving crazy figures.

Although he began on YouTube nearly 15 years ago, he changed to Twitch, which belongs to Amazon, and it proved a positive move. This month, for the first time, he became the Spanish-speaking streamer with the highest number of paying subscribers in the world.

Illojuan began in August with 38,000 (the figures fluctuate constantly) and his account could generate 190,000 dollars a month, although obviously he doesn’t receive all the money.

However, it is clear that this 28-year-old from Fuengirola earns a good living from his internet work. He is straightforward, friendly and natural and over the years he has built up an extensive community of followers who adore him. They feel he and his actress girlfriend María Isabel Rodríguez, known as Masi, are part of their family.

Juan Alberto, who has a Masters Degree in Criminal Law, is delighted at his success. “A million subscribers on YouTube for the first time in my life, thank you with all my heart,” he wrote on social media. His friends and family were also overjoyed for him: in fact, they recorded an emotional video to celebrate his one million followers.