Hot terral wind set to make temperatures soar up to 30C on the Costa del Sol

Hot terral wind set to make temperatures soar up to 30C on the Costa del Sol

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Meanwhile, sea fog could make and appearance at several points along the coast of Malaga province on Saturday afternoon

Almudena Nogués


Friday, 24 March 2023, 07:15


The first weekend of spring will be marked by good weather in Malaga. Stability will dominate, rain is not expected and high temperatures will once again be the main feature in the province. Especially today - Friday, 24 March - when the terral wind is expected to return to Malaga "in the areas where it usually enters" leaving highs "between 26 and 30 degrees", said the local weather expert José Luis Escudero in his SUR blog Storms and Lightning.

The terral is a wind that comes from the north-west and heats up significantly on its journey south until arriving at the coast.

“In the other areas of the province, the mercury will move between 22 and 25 degrees. There is no possibility of showers and it is only necessary to highlight some moderate to strong gusts of wind from the west”, Escudero added.

Forecast for Friday, 24 March
Forecast for Friday, 24 March Source: Aemet

Early on Saturday morning the wind will blow lightly from the east-southeast (gusts could reach 25 kilometres per hour according to Aemet) and give us a break from the terral. The highs will be lower than today: around 25 degrees in Malaga city according to the state weather agency forecast, with a minimum of 15 degrees.

"In the afternoon there is a probability of mist and even banks of taró (advection or sea fog) off the coast of Malaga," said Escudero.

Possible strong gusts of wind on Sunday

On Sunday, more high temperatures and gusts of wind will be the main features of another day that is expected to be sunny with little cloud in the skies.

“The terral wind from the west will visit us again. Moderate and strong gusts are expected in coastal areas. The maximum temperatures in the usual areas where the terral arrives will be between 26 and 30 degrees. Probably at some point in the day the terral will also make an appearance in Rincón de la Victoria. In the other areas the maximum will move between 21 and 25 degrees,” concluded Escudero.

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