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Holiday booking website reveals cheapest and most expensive resorts on the Costa del Sol for rentals

Holiday booking website reveals cheapest and most expensive resorts on the Costa del Sol for rentals

The Holidu portal has also answered questions such as the most popular weeks, the origin of visitors and the most sought-after services

Pilar Martínez


Friday, 12 January 2024, 11:39

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Holiday rentals are an accommodation option on the rise. A study by the booking portal Holidu, a company founded in 2014, based in Munich and which employs more than 500 people, answers questions such as which towns on the Costa are the cheapest and which are the most expensive, the most popular weeks, the origin of visitors and the most sought-after services.

The report highlights key data for the tourist property sector on the Costa del Sol for this new year and takes stock of 2023. For the last year it noted that Malaga city had a 9% increase in the average price per night, from an average of 128 euros in 2022 to 140 euros last year. It also stated that the maximum price peak was reached in the month of August, where the average cost per night in a tourist property was 195 euros.

The portal says that it is currently possible to rent a holiday home in the city for January and the coming February and March for an average of 136 euros per night. The report determined that Torremolinos is positioned among the most affordable tourist destinations in this first quarter of the year for holiday rentals on the Costa del Sol with an average price of 103 euros. It is followed by Benalmádena with 108 euros, Fuengirola with 116 euros and Mijas with 125 euros. Estepona presents a slightly higher price of 152 euros, and Marbella closes the list with 178 euros.

Forecast for 2024

Optimism is spreading among owners of holiday homes, who in Andalucía are very much awaiting the imminent approval of a new decree that will regulate holiday rentals. According to the recent survey carried out by Holidu among owners at a national level, 80% of hosts expect to equal or exceed the number of bookings in 2023.

In addition, they state that they have been able to confirm a greater awareness of implementing sustainability measures. Some 18% of respondents intend to install solar panels, while 20% are evaluating the possibility of implementing water-saving systems. It also notes, with a view to 2024 searches, a growing preference for private swimming pools, reaching 41%, and for services such as air conditioning, with 19%, and internet access, which will reach 17%.


Holidu said that over the past year new trends have been noted, such as the average length of stay on the Costa del Sol being set at seven nights, with Mondays and Saturdays being the preferred days for check-in and check-out over the course of 2023. In addition, it was noted that travellers are becoming more and more forward-thinking. The average advance booking was 60 days, highlighting the importance for hosts to keep their calendars open well in advance, as some tourists prefer to plan their holidays early.

Esteban Farias, spokesperson for Holidu, pointed out that any day of the week is now a good day for a getaway. "Although traditionally Saturday used to be the arrival day par excellence, in recent years, there has been a tendency for guests to look for options during the week. At the same time, there has been a growth in the willingness of owners to welcome visitors outside the weekend," the spokesperson said.

As for the origin of national and international visitors to the Costa del Sol, in 2023, 45% of the bookings made on Holidu came from tourists from Spain, followed by the Netherlands, with 11%; Great Britain, with 10%; and 8% from Germany.

Advance bookings

With regard to advance bookings for 2024, Holidu indicates that 24% of visitors are already booking getaways from countries such as the Netherlands. The report shows that European tourists are planning their holidays in Malaga province, including the Costa del Sol, earlier. "The presence of international visitors to Andalucía in 2023 was notable, and is likely to remain so this year. In this context, essential measures for the success of a holiday rental in 2024 include the diversification of channels to promote tourist accommodation, as well as the early opening of booking calendars," Farías said.

The survey of holiday rental hosts was carried out from 12 to 26 September and involved 2,264 owners.

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