Guardia Civil staff union warns there are not enough officers in Malaga province

The AUGC association claims the force needs 400 more officers to ensure the safety of the public


The Unified Association of Guardia Civil union (AUGC) has warned the force in Malaga province is short of 400 officers to the detriment of how they can respond to crimes.

“There are so few officers on the street that, as we reported months ago, of 50 Citizen Security posts in Malaga, only five of them have the capacity to cover 24 hours a day with their own personnel, the rest depend on others from around,” the AUGC said.

The association also accused the Guardia Civil of creating ‘ghost units’ that are “made up of officers who, belonging to another unit, serve in the ghost units with the approval and subjective criteria of the command which chooses those they consider suitable, with no other possibility for the rest of the comrades.”

Alleged ‘ghost units’ include units such as the ROCA robbery teams, the Rapid Intervention Groups, the Drug Trafficking Coordination Agency and the Trafficking Alcohol and Drugs Operational Groups.

According to AUGC these "pseudo units" are wasteful and reduce the “already meagre templates that exist."

“There are Citizen Security Posts with few personnel and, since their staffing is not 100 per cent it is totally unfeasible to provide an effective service,” the AUGC added.