The current situation of the Conde de Guadalhorce reservoir is dire José Luis Escudero
Second Malaga reservoir sinks to its lowest level in history

Second Malaga reservoir sinks to its lowest level in history

The drought-stricken Conde de Guadalhorce has followed the path of La Viñuela and has set a new all-time low: 19.27% of capacity

Ignacio Lillo


Tuesday, 8 August 2023, 20:38


The Conde de Guadalhorce reservoir in Ardales has just sunk to its lowest level of reserves in history.

The dam, one of the main sources of water for Malaga city and the Guadalhorce valley, was on Monday 7 August at just 19.27% of its capacity, with 12.81 cubic hectometres of water, according to data from the Junta de Andalucía's Hidrosur Network.

The only other time water reserves were recorded this low in the dam was on 14 November in 2005, during another period of severe drought, when the reservoir reached 12.9 cubic hectometres, 19.4% of its capacity.

The Conde de Guadalhorce is the second reservoir in the province to record a historical low this year. At the end of June, for the first time in its 34-year history, La Viñuela in the Axarquia, which is the largest reservoir in the province, had reserves below 15.2 cubic hectometres.

The rains in December and late spring allowed only a slight recovery. During the summer, however, reserves have continued to fall and La Viñuela now has just 8.61% of its capacity filled.

Guaranteed reserves

Contrary to what happened in other years of extreme drought, in 2005 and 2008, several reservoirs are currently in a much better situation, guaranteeing supply for Malaga city and the Western Costa del Sol this summer.

However, in the Axarquia and in some inland municipalities, water restrictions have been in force for several hours a day to protect supply.

The main reservoir supplying Malaga city is the large Guadalteba reservoir, which still contains 56.92 cubic hectometres, 37.13% of its capacity. The Guadalhorce reservoir currently has 33.18 cubic hectometres stored, 26.39% of its capacity.

As for the Western Costa del Sol, the main source of water for Marbella and the surrounding area is La Concepción reservoir, which contains just over half (51.88%) of its capacity, with 29.85 cubic hectometres.

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