Pizza delivery man robbed at knifepoint in Alhaurín

Pizza delivery man robbed at knifepoint in Alhaurín

The alleged thieves lured the victim to a remote location in the town and fled with the day's takings and the motorbike he used for deliveries

Tuesday, 5 September 2023


Coín magistrates' court has ordered a man and a woman to be remanded in custody as the alleged perpetrators of a robbery with intimidation and violence of a pizza delivery man in Alhaurín el Grande. The suspects allegedly threatened the victim with a knife, tied him up and fled with his motorbike and day's takings, among other things.

The incident happened on 5 August, when the pair placed a food order and gave a location away from the old town, in a poorly-lit area and with almost no passing traffic as the delivery address, according to the Guardia Civil.

When he arrived at the location, the pizza delivery man was approached from behind and violently threatened. One of the robbers allegedly held him at knifepoint with the blade close to his chest, while his companion took the opportunity to carry out the robbery.

According to the victim, the suspects left him tied up, fleeing with his delivery motorbike, the day's takings and his mobile phone, among other things.

The assault led to the Guardia Civil opening an investigation, during which officers managed to identify the alleged robbers, a man and a woman who, apparently, have numerous previous convictions for similar acts.

The suspects were arrested after an off-duty policeman recognised them while eating in an establishment with his family in Malaga city. The officer alerted a National Police patrol that was nearby and together they arrested the man and the woman.

Following the arrest, investigators were able to recover the motorbike and mobile phone that were allegedly stolen from the victim.

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