A visualisation of the Transcendence mega sports complex on the Llanos de Matagallar. SUR
Massive adventure sports complex in Coín is still pending environmental approval from the Junta

Massive adventure sports complex in Coín is still pending environmental approval from the Junta

The 267-million-euro Transcendence project includes plans for 510 cabin-style accommodation units, 35 adventure sports activities and a holistic wellness centre

Alba Tenza


Wednesday, 7 February 2024

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A new adventure sport project in the heart of Malaga province's Guadalhorce Valleyi with plans to develop it over more than 1.3 million square metres, is pending an environmental report from the Junta de Andalucá, which will determine if the project goes ahead or not.

Its name is Transcendence and the promoters are Nature Call Initiatives, from the ARD Investment & Development Group. The Ardid Martínez Bordiú family proposes to build this megaproject. “We want to create a space for coexistence in which sport, health and nature become the pillars of a global project that serves to exchange cultures, experiences and passions linked to the practice of different sports disciplines with sustainability and the positive impact on the social and economic environment of the area as the main premises,” the promoters said.

Last July, the Andalusian regional government declared this project “of strategic interest for Andalucía”. But, despite the fact that seven months ago this project entered the region’s Project Accelerator Unit, sources close to the regional ministry of Economy, Finance and European Funds said that, so far, “the project is pending an environmental report, which will determine if the project continues or not”. Sources from the regional ministry for the Environment said that they are unaware of the status of these reports.

267-million-euro investment

The project, whose investment would amount to 267 million euros, plans the construction over the Coín aquifer, on the Llanos de Matagallar. The plans allow for 510 cabin-type accommodation units. 'Transcendence' would also have more than 35 adventure sports activities, a holistic wellness centre, and provide organic farming experiences.

Plans include an area for farmers to sell their local products and an outdoor events space, which can accommodate up to 1,000 people, and an artificial wave pool. This approach replaces that of the golf courses the group proposed to build in this sector of Los Llanos de Matagallar, replacing them with 600,000 square metres for sports activities.

Create 3,000 jobs

“We are committed to making the project directly impact the local economy of Coín and the whole of the Guadalhorce region through the different elements that make up the chain of value,” said the technical and sustainability director of the Nature Call Initiatives, Alberto Suárez. Based on an analysis prepared by the consultancy Deloitte, Transcendence would generate more than 30 million euros per year in wages and create 3,000 jobs.

In relation to the proposal of the Ardid Martínez Bordiu family, the local residents are divided. The location of the project on the town’s aquifer of the municipality generated a lot of controversy, and led to the creation of the protest group 'La Mesa del Agua'. Other residents in favour of the project created the 'Coín for sustainable development' platform, created to promote the project.

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