Local amateur choir raises over 3,000 euros in 2022

Local amateur choir raises over 3,000 euros in 2022

The Phoenix Singers raised the funds during several performances and the money has been donated to local charities and organisations

Friday, 13 January 2023


The Phoenix Singers, an amateur choir based in Alhaurín el Grande, raised more than 3,000 euros during several fundraising events along the coast and inland in 2022.

The money was distributed among animal charities and local organisations such as the Centro de Acogida Infantil Nuestra Señora de Gracia, a children's home that was founded in Alhaurín el Grande more than 70 years ago.

The children's home, along with the SEARCH equine shelter and the Arca Noah dog rescue home, received an equal share of the 600 euros that was raised at a Christmas concert in Cártama.

A performance at Molly's Roadhouse raised more than 500 euros for the Pawsawhile dog rescue centre, while a second concert at a Christmas fair raised another 778 euros for the charity.

Other organisations to benefit included the Last Chance animal charity, which received 800 euros from a concert, for which the choir teamed up with singer Peet Rothwell, while the Lauro Golf Bowls Club, which is where the choir rehearse, received 320 euros.

The choir is currently looking for new members, and also for charities who would like them to perform at their events.

For more information, phone 634 81 08 55, or e-mail

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