Francisco Santos announces the recipients of this year’s Medallas de la Ciudad de Coín. / SUR

Coín town hall announces the recipients of this year's honorary medals

The Medallas de la Ciudad de Coín 2022, which are presented on Andalucía Day, will be awarded to the scientist José Miguel Palomo, the flamenco singer, Pepe de la Isla, and Cudeca


Coín town hall has announced that the recipients of this year’s Medallas de la Ciudad de Coín are the Cudeca Foundation, José Miguel Palomo and Pepe de la Isla. The medals, which are presented on 28 February, Andalucía Day, are an honourable distinction that the council awards to personalities and institutions that promote the town in some way.

José Miguel Palomo (Coín 1976), a scientist at the higher council for scientific research (CSIC), will receive the medal for his involvement in the discovery of a nanomaterial used to eliminate the Covid-19 virus on contact with masks or gowns.

The flamenco singer, José Rico Jiménez (Coín 1926), better known as Pepe de la Isla (along with the flamenco peña that bears his name), was awarded the distinction because he was, according to the councillor, Francisco Santos, “one of the most influential flamenco singers in Spain of the 20th century”.

The Cudeca Foundation, which has had a charity shop in Coín since 2009, was given the honorary award for the “commendable support they offer to those who are in palliative care and their families, which is essential at that time,” Santos said.