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Tension rises after attempted riot at Malaga's Alhaurín de la Torre prison

Tension rises after attempted riot at Malaga's Alhaurín de la Torre prison

A “critical” incident was reported at the jail on Thursday after 20 inmates encouraged around 60 others to join the disobedience



Friday, 11 November 2022, 07:42


About 20 inmates at the Alhaurín de la Torre jail took part in an attempted riot in an outdoor space of one prison section on Thursday morning, at around 10.30 am.

It is understood that a prisoner encouraged other inmates to revolt against officials after he demanded a transfer to a hospital.

The situation became "critical", since the prisoners involved in the attempted riot, which lasted about half an hour, encouraged some 60 other inmates to join the disobedience.

Guards from other sections of the prison had to be called to intervene in the disturbance in which there were no injuries. The leader of the protest has been placed in isolation.

This inmate was referred to a hospital on Wednesday night after he said he had fainted in his cell and had hit his head against the sink after falling to the ground. After being treated by the doctors, he was discharged from the hospital.

On Wednesday a similar situation occurred in another section of the prison. Two inmates were placed in solitary confinement after they protested against a general search of the prisoners. Allegedly, after the inspections, they began to agitate the rest of the inmates when they entered the dining room so that they would revolt against the officials. That disturbance was swiftly resolved.

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