Joaquín Villanova (l) at the institute earlier this week. SUR
Alhaurín school starts expansion project to create four new classrooms

Alhaurín school starts expansion project to create four new classrooms

An unused gymnasium at the IES Gerald Brenan school will be converted into four multipurpose rooms to be used for training courses

Tony Bryant


Friday, 21 July 2023, 17:15


The IES Gerald Brenan school in Alhaurín de la Torre has begun expansion works to create new classrooms, a project that consists of adapting an unused gymnasium in the centre into new educational spaces for training courses.

The project, which will be carried out by Rofez Construcciones, has a budget of 412,560.91 euros and an execution period of two months.

The building that is being renovated has approximately 400 square metres, a space in which four multipurpose classrooms will be created.

The project, part of the Educational Infrastructure Plan of the Ministry of Educational Development and Vocational Training, arose from a request by the institute and the town hall.

Currently, the institute offers an intermediate degree in Administrative Management and a series of basic, intermediate and higher degree courses in web application development.

The town’s mayor, Joaquín Villanova, who visited the facility earlier this week, said, “It is wonderful that these works will be finished in time for the next academic year.”

Other initiatives planned for the institute will include the Ágora Verde project, which consists of the creation of a Greek-style amphitheatre.

“The main purpose of this project is to be able to develop active methodologies in an outdoor classroom so students can learn in a natural environment,” Villanova explained.

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